Other products

In addition, we offer:

  • Distribution/filtration systems
    For ion-exchange units (acid and lye distribution systems) and filtration units, open and closed filters.
    Version: steel 316 L, URANUS B6 or Hastelloy.
  • Ion-exchanger traps
    Devices mounted on pipelines outside the ion-exchange units to prevent the loss of ion-exchange mass.
    Casing made of: PVC-U or acid-resistant steel.
  • Flange bands
    Serve as a protection against sudden leaks of media (i.e. acid, lye) from flange and other pipe connections.
    Made of polypropylene fabric. Use in temeratures of: 30°C to 50°C. At present, protective bands are made in two widths: 170 mm and 270 mm.
  • Pressure vessels
    Used for filtration, ion exchange and other applications.
    Made of glass fibre-reinforced epoxy resins. Diameter from 132 mm to 1220 mm, volume from 5.3 l to 1760 l.
  • Filter media: anthracite, hydro-anthracite, activated carbon.
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