Ultrafiltration membranes


Ultrafiltration membranes

We offer ultrafiltration membranes of the highest quality made by the American manufacturer DOW.

List of offered products:

High Permeability, XP FiberSFD-2880XP SFP-2880XP 77
SFD-2860XP SFP-2860XP51
StandardSFD-2880 SFP-288077
SFD-2860 SFP-286051
SFD-2660 SFP-266033

TypeProductAreaNumer of modules
High Permeability, XP FiberIPD-77XP IP-77XP776-22
IPD-51XP IP-51XP516-22
StandardIPD-77 IP-77776-22
IPD-51 IP-51516-22

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