Maintenance services

Pogotowie membranowo-jonitowe

Maintenance services

We offer a comprehensive maintenance service in the warranty and post-warranty period for the following technologies: UF, NF, RO, EDI, ion-exchange stations including softening and demineralisation, pre-filtration and activated carbon stations as well as UV sterilisation.

Our offer includes:

  • maintenance agreements,
  • periodic inspections,
  • technical support – plant audits, technical evaluation of performance,
  • spare parts and chemicals,
  • services:
      • deliveries, replacement of membranes,
      • replacement of ion-exchange beds and filtration media,
      • cleaning of water treatment plants using highly effective chemical agents,
      • plant start-ups.


Workflow in case of an emergency service

  • Etap I - Wystąpienie awarii
  • Etap II - Zgłoszenie serwisowe
  • Etap III - Analiza problemu
  • Etap IV - Przyjazd serwisu
  • Etap V - Rozwiązanie problemu

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