Electrodeionisation (EDI)


Electrodeionisation (EDI)

Electrodeionisation is a combination of electrodialysis (ED) and demineralisation on ion-exchange beds (DI). By using the mixed system, the adverse effects accompanying each of these methods separately are eliminated. Electrodialysis consumes a lot of  electricity and the end product is of low quality, whereas in demineralisation  chemical reactants are required and aggressive waste water is produced. In EDI, demineralised water with high quality parameters is obtained without the consumption of chemicals and with low electricity consumption.

Electrodeionisation (EDI) technology is a modern and fully automated method for the secondary treatment of demineralised water.


  • complete removal of inorganic solute,
  • prevention of aggressive waste water,
  • high output quality,
  • small size of the plant,
  • cost-effective operation,
  • full automation,
  • simple and continuous operation.

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