Diagnostic services

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Diagnostic services

Based on many years of experience and the technical expertise of the manufacturers of reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration membranes and ion exchange resins, we offer diagnostic services as well as providing solutions to any technological problems you may encounter, i.e.:

  • problems with scaling and fouling of filtration membranes,
  • oxidation of membranes and ion exchange resins,
  • mechanical damages.

We provide services which analyse the physical and chemical parameters of water.

Parameters important for reverse osmosis (RO)

  • SDI
  • Żelazo Fe
  • Chlor Cl

Reverse osmosis is the most popular of the currently used water demineralisation technologies. However, it should be noted that membrane technologies are sensitive to certain physical and chemical parameters of water. Therefore, before using membrane techniques, water should be subjected to a detailed analysis so as to ensure the correct and trouble-free utilization of this technology throughout its life cycle.

Water analysis

Professional equipment and qualified staff ensure that the results are extremely accurate. We offer an analysis of the following parameters:

  • pH
  • conductivity
  • turbidity
  • total hardness
  • alkalinity
  • iron, manganese, silica, chlorides, sulphates
  • COD (Cr)
  • SDI

Analysis methods

iron, manganese, chlorides, sulphates, silica, COD (Cr)

Lovibond tester

total hardness 

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