Lampy UV

UV disinfection lamps

The main advantage of ultraviolet radiation is its disinfectant property, i.e. the ability to remove harmful microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, fungi etc.

The following UV sterilisers ensure the effective disinfection of water by using UV rays.

V90,5 m3/h
V121,0 m3/h
V202,0 m3/h
V20LA2,0 m3/h
V252,0 m3/h
V25LA2,0 m3/h
V353,6 m3/h
V403,6 m3/h
V805,9 m3/h
V12011,0 m3/h
AM118,7 m3/h
AM234,0 m3/h
AM358,0 m3/h
AM475,0 m3/h
AM5108,0 m3/h
AM6151,0 m3/h
AM8215,0 m3/h
AM10322,0 m3/h
AM12395,0 m3/h
AM15550,0 m3/h
AM30 1 100,0 m3/h
AMX140,0 m3/h
AMX273,0 m3/h
AMX3131,0 m3/h
AMX4211,0 m3/h
AMX5277,0 m3/h
AMX6380,0 m3/h
AMX8585,0 m3/h
AMX10767,0 m3/h
AMX12930,0 m3/h
AMX161 400,0 m3/h
ModelMeasurement range
UVC-02250 – 270 nm
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